Antena Analyzer VHF

  Antena Analyzer VHF
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STI 170 VHF ANTENNA ANALYZER is a device that is usefull to analyze antenna performance within ranges from 26 Mhz to 170 Mhz. You can read antenna SWR and Impedance , Just set the bandswitch and tune the dial ,and with AA Battery charger circuit


Working Frequency is devided by 3 section:


26 – 62 Mhz


62 – 115 Mhz


115 – 170 Mhz


To be use for


1. Frequency Counter : 100 Khz – 200 Mhz


2. Antenna Analyzer : SWR and IMPEDANCE


3. Antenna Measurement : DIPOLE ANTENNA


4. Analyze : Coaxial Cable Wavelenght


5. Analyze : Coaxial Cable Velocity


6. Analyze : Inductance and Capacitance


Usefull Device for::.


Frequency Counter




Antenna Measurement


Measure Wavelength from COAX


Velocity Factor from COAX


Inductance and Capacitance


Inductance Measurement


Capacitance Measurement