Audio Processor Omnia One

Audio Processor Omnia One
Audio Processor Omnia One
Audio Processor Omnia One
Rp 600,00
  Beli Audio Processor Omnia One


12,000+ Omnia ONEs. That’s how many are on the air around the world. Engineers tell us of reliability and ease of operation.


Program Directors love the power and punch of genuine Omnia processing. General Managers love the price!Features:FM


Smart wideband AGC followed by advanced Four-Band AGC and selectable Four or Five-Band Peak Limiter sections. Omnia’sadvanced, fully distortion-controlled, pre-emphasized final limiter / clipper. A newly designed digital stereo generator with SCA convenience input, two independently adjustable composite MPX outputs and 19kHz pilot output for synchronization to external RDS generators.






Omnia’s advanced NRSC compliant, distortion-managed final limiter / clipper, including selectable Low Pass Filter frequencies that support AM HD transmission installations...the same as used in the Omnia ONE’s bigger siblings.






Features SENSUS®, an audio conditioning technology to minimize codec artifacts as well as restore the fullness and depth that bit-reduction steals. See expanded explanation about SENSUS technology later in this brochure. Ultra low-distortion final limiting optimized for the HD codec.




Studio Pro


Full-bandwidth processor for applications that require minimal delay and do not require absolute peak limiting. The first studio processor to include a four-band compressor / limiter allowing you precise and accurately defined control while pre-processing music, commercials, remote feeds, or sweetening audio. Applications include recording studios, mastering labs, TV stations, radio headphone feeds ... just abut any application where signal processing is needed.




Additional Features


Price includes software downloads for FM, AM, internet/satellite, studio processing`, or Stereo


Generator on demand if necessary


Balanced XLR Analog inputs and outputs, plus Digital AES/EBU input, output and external Sync


Browser-based remote control and configuration


Automatic backup input switching


Livewire® / Ethernet RJ45 jack


Universal Power Input


Robust headphone amp with rugged jack and front panel volume control


Single Jog-Wheel and Selection Button user interface with LED level metering and LCD screen